Saturday, July 14, 2012

New blog from Joey McIntyre

Joey posted a new blog post on his website about his 2+ months on the road with NKOTBSB

07/13/2012 - Been a long time, been a long time, been a ...
Around the world for sure. I don't have the energy to tell you about each amazing city we played to on our 2 and a half month tour this spring/summer 2012, but it was blissful. I tweeted about me buying a bike in Liverpool and riding it all over Europe. Best 75 pounds I ever spent in my life. What a way to get around. The Uk and Europe are very bike friendly. To be able to dash from the hotel at a moments notice or glide away from yet another arena and literally see the world was just so tickle-my-fancy-thrilling. (Yes, I have to go there to "get the picture"). I have travelled a lot but I'd never seen Geneva...never mind Lake Geneva like this. Just spectacular. And I've always loved Hamburg, Germany but I never saw it up close and so personal. All handed to me on a bike. We are just so bless. Everyday with the New Kids is really such a celebration. Sure after 2 and a half months together, we were ready for a break. But I felt a new sense of pride for us after finishing up this tour. We ended (for now) the special collaboration of NKOTBSB. Something so sweet a surprise, we left each other wholeheartedly open to doing it again, if its meant to be. Those guys are our cousins now. We wish them the very best. The laughs were many. Memories that are just too much to really articulate in a couple of sentences, when asked "how was it?" Australia had waited for us for far too long, but it was worth it. For all of us. Gosh, Oz really lives up to the hype- and in such a laid back, confident, gracious way. My whole fam came over, which made it even more special (and broke up the tour and being away from them for too long). We had a blast. And the people are such class people. Then off to Jakarta and the Philippines. We felt so taken care of there and so welcome and appreciated. It really floors you to hear a country, a people, half way across the world sing your songs louder than you've ever heard. I went right back to the Knights basement as a kid and thought, 'wow, a bunch of kids from Boston, and then all this..." We said goodbye to The Boys and went right to the cruise- WHICH NEEDS IT OWN BLOG. Holy frickin' crap (is putting it lightly). How do they keep getting better??!! The love on that boat this year could have conquered the world! And it did! Getting off that boat after 4 amazing, life changing days, takes a lot of decompression (and depression), getting back to the (not so) real world. Next year can't come soon enough. And then the 5 brothers ended a whirlwind tour in South America. And again we were so taken care of by these great countries. Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico!!! Gracias, gracias, gracias!!! It was a little strange at first to be doing shows again with just us 5, but it made it fresh and exciting to do it again on our own. Bottom line is we are so blessed to do what we do and we strive to keep it as special as it ever was. And we feel the same kind of energy from all of you. To think after all these years, we are thinking, "I wonder what amazing thing is gonna happen next." The balance we have between ourselves and our fans and how we want to keep surprising, keep reaching, keep exploring, willing to go places that we haven't gone is becoming zen-like... Wax on, wax off, baby. xoxo -jm

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