Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boston Globe article

Here is a short article from the Boston Globe

Wahlberg on the C's bandwagon
Is Donnie Wahlberg psychic? We'll find out as the Celtics make a run for banner 18. Wahlberg's prediction: "First of all, they're gonna beat Orlando in five or six. Then we're gonna hope that K.G. comes back, and even if he does, Cleveland is gonna be really overconfident. . . . We're gonna steal one of the first two in Cleveland, then LeBron's gonna sprain his ankle and the Celtics are gonna beat them in five. . . . Then we gotta see if we can beat the Lakers. We gotta get me back in LA and have me like, uh, take Phil Jackson's hearing aid so he can't coach the Lakers properly. Then we can win the whole series. I think we can do it." So do we, Donnie, so do we. . . . Wahlberg has been pitching positivity all over town these past few days. He spent Saturday at the Garden rooting on the gang in green. Sunday, he hosted a party at the Hard Rock Cafe for local hip-hop artist Jimmy Marsh, the first artist signed to Wahlberg's Donnie D record label. Guests at the party included fellow New Kid Jordan Knight, UFC pinup Rachelle Leah, who told us she's been friends with Wahlberg since the two met in Vegas a few years ago. Wahlberg finished the good-will tour by surprising all 63 students at the Mother Caroline Academy in Dorchester with tickets to the New Kids on the Block show in June. "There was a lot of screaming. I've had a headache all day," joked Beth Griffin, the school's director of development. Wahlberg was connected to the school through hedge fund hotshot (and Celtics co-owner) Jim Pallota, an academy donor.

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dreamingofd said...

(((WOW))) that sounds so convicing it could actually work lol :)
I looked nto Ddubs eye's in person, there's more going on in there than we know! I've always said he's phsycic or uses jedi forces, whatever - it's all good :D