Sunday, June 6, 2010

NKOTB and NBA playoff mania

It's NBA finals time and Donnie and the rest of the New Kids are cheering for the Boston Celtics of course.

Donnie and Snoop Dogg have a bet going on. If the C's win, Snoop will donate $20K to the Wahlberg Foundation, and if the Lakers win, then Donnie will donate $20K to a charity of Snoop Dogg's choice.

Joey is also wearing his Celtics gear in LA.

Donnie (along with Roscoe Umali, Jimmy Marsh and more) put together a "mixtape" and he is letting us download it for free. Click here for the download. I had trouble getting the files to open, but was able to stream the tracks online here.

Donnie has also been doing radio interviews talking about Celtics. 

Update: Interviews have been deleted, does anyone have them saved?

I had this EPSN interview saved, but I don't think it originally came from this post...

WEEI June 3 (Video clip)

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