Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eric Alper's Interview with Jordan

Eric Alper does PR for eOne Music (Jordan's label), and he did a Twitter interview with Jordan a few days ago. It looks like "Stingy" is the next single and Donnie is doing the rap in the remix version.  Here are the questions and answers from the interview:

@JordansIndianBH: How about a remix of 'Stingy' with Donnie doing the rap n a vid as well
Jordan: It's coming! Just recorded it!

@KnightCamSTL: So, Stingy will have a video?
Jordan: Yeah, Donnie and I doing it together coming up.

@songbird_sally: heard your asking jordan questions? can you ask him if a solo tour is in the works after nkotbsb? thx, from salisha MTL
Jordan: I probably do some dates after NKOTBSB shows, definitely. Not sure 100% where as of yet.

@LittleAngie_79: is Jordan still there? If so can u ask him if he already decided what the 2nd single should be! I vote One More Night! : )
Jordan: That's looking like the 3rd one. Stingy is next.

@hot4JK: Question for Jordan: do you ever get tired of all that touring??
Jordan: Never! Every night I look out in the crowd and say 'wow.' We all love going on the road and playing and meeting you!

@kellidaisy: @jordanknight also I think you should ask him if he runs:)
Jordan: I do, and thank you again for your story!

@JeneJ19: Will Jordan Knight be selling autographed Unfinished CDs at every show?
Jordan: Yes, the CDs are all signed.

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