Sunday, October 6, 2013

Listen to Jordan Knight on Clizbeats

Jordan talked  to Craig Clizbe And Matt Clizbe of about life in the spotlight as part the New Kids on the Block and more.

Click here to listen!


Olesia said...

Thanx a lot for that interview.NKOTB is my favourite group. NKOTB is the best of the best. The guys are amazing, their songs are great. New album "10" is the best. I love NKOTB with all my heart and I appreciate everything they do for us: fans. Thank you NKOTB for your lovely songs!

Olesia Hibliak said...

NKOTB is the best group of the world. I love you guys, thank you for your lovely songs. I can't imagine my life without you, NKOTB! I really appreciate every little thing you do for us, your loyal fans. Wish you all the best!