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Watch Donnie Wahlberg and Jonathan Knight's interview with TV2

Donnie and Jonathan were interviewed on TV 2 in Norway where they talked about their European tour, their side projects, growing older with the fans, gratitude and more.

Here is the article translated into English:

New Kids On The Block - We put more appreciative of his fans now

New Kids On The Block created teenage hysteria at the beginning of the nineties. But even if the fans have gone from being fourteen to forty, pop hero insists that they put even more appreciative of them today.

Boy band "New Kids On The Block" has melted girl hearts worldwide. Now add pop hero from the 90's on tour to get acquainted with the fans again.

In spring, they play a variety of intimate concerts in cities across Europe. Tonight's Oslo center stage next.

- There are some old and some new songs. Last time we were here, we had a very big production. This time it is small and intimate, says Jonathan Knight.

Putting more appreciative of his fans now
In the early nineties the band was known for creating teenage hysteria at their concerts. Now most of the fanbase tobarns mothers of some forty.

- The fans have gotten older, but we have grown older with them, so it does not feel so strange, says Knight.

- When we broke through, we were young and did not know what to expect. So we were suddenly the biggest band in the world. It was quite overwhelming for all of us - for the fans as well. This time we put really appreciate them. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to do so as adults, says Donnie Wahlberg.

Will always be New Kids
New Kids On The Block
New Kids On The Block is considered one of the world's biggest boy band.
The band was put together by producer Maurice Starr in 1984, and consists of brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood.
In 1986 they released their first album, "New Kids On The Block." But it was with the single "Be my girl" in 1988 that his career took off.
Taken together, the band has sold over 80 million albums worldwide.
Among their biggest hits are considered "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" "Hangin 'Tough" and "Please Do not Go Girl."
New Kids On The Block disbanded in 1994. Since then, members have run in different directions.

Danny Wood has pursued a solo artist, while Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre has been successful as actors. Wahlberg has also played in the series  "Blue Bloods . "

New Kids On The Block reunited in 2008 to release the album "The Block". When asked what keeps them going, responding Knight:

- There are a lot of things. I think it is the love of music and the pleasure we get by doing what we do. And then there's the love we have for each other. You must have good dynamics of a group to stay on as long as we have done, says Knight.

- We all have other careers and other lives and families, but we love to perform together. Sometimes it can be tiring to go on tour, but once we are in a room together we laugh and joke together in a few minutes, adding Donnie Wahlberg, and continues:

- There is a special atmosphere that probably means that the band will always be our number one job. We will probably always be primarily New Kids, he said.

Would home to the neighbor girls
When asked how it was to know that millions of teenage girls were in love with them, says Wahlberg:

- It's overrated. Partly because a) some of us were not interested in girls, and b) because we still lived in our little bubble. Many of us would rather go back to the neighborhoods our home and hang out with the girls there.

- It was fun, but it is a big responsibility too. Because you can end up in a lot of trouble when you have millions of girls hanging after you / preying on you. You must be responsible. In an age where most guys could have fun, we had to think of our fans and our career. It was a huge responsibility, says Wahlberg.

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