Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jonathan and Harley's Q&A with CBS

Jonathan and Harley answered fans questions on CBS. Below are the questions and their answers:

Jonathan and Harley Let Their Love Shine Even After an Elimination
Find out which major feat took them to new heights

Harley and Jonathan, the third couple eliminated on Season 26, answered your questions about running The Amazing Race.

1. Sandra L. - Too bad they got eliminated. They are my favorite couple. They showed so much love and respect for each other. I hope to see them again in an All Stars Season. My question is, do you guys ever fight? What drives you crazy about the other person?
Harley: Thank you! We’ve never had a big blow up because there’s no reason to fight over petty situations…we also give each other space, which is important to us.
Jonathan: We don't ever fight! We have a very good give-and-take relationship. We also don't have many stressors that most couples have in relationships. Things may change in the future if we involve kids, job challenges, health issues etc.

2. Pam G. - How did you stay so positive during the Race? Everyone else was complaining, but I don't think I ever heard ya'll complain. 
Harley: As a team, on the Race and in life, we knew that if we didn’t support each other, no matter how good or bad we were at challenges, we would end up not enjoying our once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Jonathan: I haven't seen the other teams complaining! And, we certainly wouldn't complain. It was such an honor for the producers to pick us to be on the show.

3. Verne H. - Which team do you feel is the frontrunner, and which group races better together – Daters or Blinders?
Harley: I’ve been surprised at how well the Blinders have been dominating, but Rochelle and Mike have been great together! The Daters might have a challenge where it works in favor of their longtime knowledge of each other.
Jonathan: Whenever you think a team is the front runner, things usually go south from there.... The race is so unpredictable. It's going to be fun seeing how the different team dynamic plays out. We are shocked the singles are blowing away the dating couples so far!

4. Janice W.P. - Which challenge on The Amazing Race did you find the most satisfying after you accomplished it and why? You guys were amazing! Totally felt the love. So proud of both of you!!!
Harley: I found the puzzle box so satisfying because I really used my brain instead of brawn…completely still concentration.
Jonathan: Thank you for your compliments. The biggest accomplishment for us was just being chosen to race. There are so many applicants every season to choose from, and they chose us. We enjoyed all the challenges and wish we could have done some more. Wearing high heels was a pretty major accomplishment though. We still don't know how people do it!

5. Linda C. - Sorry you were eliminated! Why did you not choose to dance when you had the chance? 
Harley: I know! We didn’t choose the dance challenge because Jon had said ahead of time that since it takes him longer to learn steps, to completely avoid those types of challenges if possible. Haha!
Jonathan: Dancing involves lots of memory. We decided going into the Race to avoid as much mental challenges as possible and stick to more physical challenges. Funny thing is, you never know what will come your way and we ended up dancing together after all in Phuket.

6. Kristen M. - You guys seem like such a sweet and loving couple. What advice would you give to the blind date couples who are looking for love? So sad you got eliminated, love you guys!! 
Harley: I always say it’ll happen when you least expect it and when it does, have patience and understanding and out of respect, never try to change each other.
Jonathan: We were not looking for love and love found us. Sometimes you look way to hard and miss what is right under your nose the whole time.

7. Kelli B. - Did you learn anything new about each other during the Race? 
Harley: We learned that we understand each other even more through stressful situations and have full support of each other no matter what the outcome.
Jonathan: We learned we are able to function together under extreme pressure. That is an attribute that will come in handy in life over and over.

The Amazing Race airs Fridays at 8/7c.

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