Friday, February 5, 2016

Donnie Wahlberg's interview with Examiner

The Examiner interviewed Donnie Amy Carlson, and Marisa Ramirez about Blue Bloods and more. Here is Donnie's answers. 

Why do you think that Blue Bloods has been so successful?

Wahlberg: I think it's a combination of things, it's has a throwback feel, what i mean by "throwback", two ways, throwback to classic television and classic family. A lot of people can relate to the family dinner scene, if they don't, they can live through it vicariously through the Reagans. If you grew up in a big family like I did, it brings you back to that time in your life. There's definitely an appeal to that.

Where you cast for your role or did you pursue it?

Wahlberg: Cast. I always hoped to play a role like a hotheaded fly by the seat of his pants detective. I’ve done 50 acting roles, maybe 40 of them were cops.

What is it like working with Tom Selleck?

Wahlberg: I feel good about myself in his presence, we work two different ways, but we want the same thing. It’s a great acting situation, off screen mirrors on screen. Tom is a dedicated professional to this show and I’m the same way, wing it, He’s by the book, same intentions.

What is coming up for you in 2016?

Wahlberg: Donnie loves Jenny, Wahlburgers, NKOTB still touring, Rock This Boat, plus Jenny and I have 5 other shows in development, and one with Joe McIntyre for POP TV.

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