Friday, October 11, 2019

NKOTB 2020 cruise announced!

The New Kids on the Block have announced their cruise for 2020.  It'll take place April 23 - 27, 2020 leaving out of Miami and visiting Half Moon Cay!  Here is some info from their official cruise website

We can’t wait to create new memories with all of your when we set sail on Cruise 2020. We plan to blow everything that came before out of the water and leave it all on the ship! The annual can’t-miss BH family event is something we look forward to all the time. Cruise X definitely went down in the history books but we’re sure to find ways to top it together when we hit the water on Cruise 2020.

We’ll be sailing on the Carnival Conquest from Miami spending a bunch of days at sea together and hanging out on our favorite private island, Half Moon Cay.

Presales and Onsales
We can't wait to return to sea with you. Mark your calendars for the following dates and times and GET ON THE BOAT!

10/16/19 - 10:00 AM ET - 10 Timers presale

10/16/19 - 12:00 PM ET - Block Nation presale

10/17/19 - 12:00 PM ET - Past guest presale

10/28/19 - 12:00 PM ET - General onsale

10 Times and  Past guests will receive their presale codes from Rose Tours. Block Nation members will receive their code from Block Nation


Unknown said...

What is a 10 timer!? You’ve been on the dang cruise 10 times and you get first pick as opposed to someone that hasn’t been on one time!? I really hope I’m wrong about this 😔 because in 2018 when the site overloaded and they told me that I changed my dining time eight times and I had NOT left the page and I didn’t get to go on the cruise that was NOT my fault so this 10 timer stuff is some BS! LOVE to hear what it is!

Unknown said...

I just want to know I just want it to be fair and someone gave out presale codes from block nation the year that I tried to go for the very first time and it clogged up the site and that’s why my dining changed eight times which they knew was in accurate and of course I got a call about a room that had opened up after I booked another cruise!

Unknown said...

Yea, the sight was so messed up with The shenanigans that were going on. Rose tours dropped the ball on this and I doubt this years cruise booking will run smoothly. A very disappointed fan base that Im sure NKOTB could care less about. If they DID, they would have chosen a new company in charge of booking. The announcement gives very short notice as well. SMH

Unknown said...

I agree 100%! It’s kinda sad and that puts it into perspective for me what you said about them not changing tour companies... and somewhat makes me not want to go but then again I’ve never been and I really want to go 😣 so torn! What if 90% of the 10 timers fill up the spots 😭


Some of these comments are just heartbreaking and some are just ignorant and rude. Word of advice...don't base your decisions on all the "WHAT IFs". If I would have done that, I would have never stepped on the plane to go to Miami to board Cruise X. AND I was terrified... my first flight, my first time traveling alone, and my first cruise...but look here I am to tell you all about it...I SURVIVED. So Push all the doubts out of your what if 90% of the "10 timers" ( people who have cruise 10 times) book Cruise 2020...there is still 10% left... and by George...I am gonna take a bit of that apple and be on that about you? In closing my remarks, here is something to think about... WHAT IF you go and actually have the time of your life?😉


*a BITE of that apple...

Anonymous said...

Ten timers deserve that extra pre-sale for their loyalty and dedication over the years. There are barely 100 of them so its fucking unlikely they'll buy up 90% of 3000 spots. You folks cryin about 10 timers and Rose Tours are frontin broke bitches who can't really afford this shit anyways. If you're gonna bitch about it stay the fuck home and take some math classes.