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New article/photos from Jonathan Knight's 'Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp' Renovation

HGTV posted a new article with more details about Jon's renovations on the cottages featured in "Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp". 

Step Inside Jonathan Knight's 'Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp' Renovation

By: Julianne Altenbern

Jonathan Knight takes on his biggest reno yet: a 12-acre lakefront campground. See the property's stunning transformation.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images. From: Jonathan Knight.
The Expert: Jonathan Knight

Popstar and Farmhouse Fixer host Jonathan Knight is passionate about renovating run-down properties, but this Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp project looks a bit different than his usual. With $1 million of his own money, Jon bought 12 acres of lakefront property — a campground boasting stunning natural views and 11 rundown cabins. His plan: Create a nostalgic and relaxing New England destination. The catch: He only has six months to renovate the entire property, which is crawling with black mold, mice infestations, termites, water damage and nearly nonexistent foundations. In fact, when Jon first showed his family the old cabins on the property, one of their first questions was, "Is it too late to back out?" One thing is clear; Jon has taken on his riskiest project yet. Ahead, HGTV takes you inside the dramatic renovation.

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The First Cabin's Exterior, Before

Jon often rates his projects on a scale of 1-10 (one is best, 10 is worst). He gave this two-bedroom, one-bathroom cabin a seven out of 10. While it appears to be in fine condition, Jon discovered the foundation was rotting and unstable (i.e. mold-filled and built on rocks and boulders). And, "It's like a mouse condominium in here!" he said after uncovering a seemingly never-ending amount of mice nests. After walking around the premises and heading in, Jon decided his best plan of attack was to tear the cabin down to the studs and "start from scratch." Probably a good call, Jon.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
The First Cabin's Exterior, After

Jon went into this reno with an open mind. "I haven't decided exactly what I want this cabin to look like yet," he said. But he knew one thing for sure: "I want [all the cabins] to be high-end and beautiful." This single story lodge quickly put his allotted $100,000 budget to the test. Within the first month of renovation, he doled out $60,000 to remove overgrown trees from the surrounding yard and another $10,000 to stabilize the mold and fix the foundation. "The little things keep adding up," Jon said. Because of this, he kept the outside of the first cabin rustic and simple. The wooden siding now boasts deep red-purpose paint and is juxtaposed with a clean white door. Jon's earthy and fun palette complements his camp sentiment nicely.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry
Multifunctional Space

With limited square footage, Jon had to get creative when it came to the inside of the cabin. First, he built a loft upstairs. On the main level, he opened up the kitchen and living room to create a multifunctional sitting space for guests. Space-saving furnishings — sliding doors (from the original main house), a built-in bench and strategically placed tables — make the interior feel airy despite its cozy size. The fireplace is the focal point of this design thanks to the clean, white backsplash on the wall behind it. Jon chose an earthy color palette made up of various wood tones, tree-patterned gray wallpaper and dusty-blush ceiling panels. Each carefully chosen accent comes together for a homey yet fresh feel.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
Comfortable Kitchen

"I don't think this kitchen is a keeper," Jon's brother Jordan Knight said during a walkthrough of the cabin before its eventual revamp. Jon must have agreed, because he removed and replaced every appliance, surface, pipe and light fixture in the space. New grooved wood cabinetry sets a fresh foundation and matches the fireplace mantel and bathroom vanity. This wonderful use of wood creates not only continuity throughout the various rooms and areas of the cabin, but an organic feel. Jon's final touch: a rolling island, so visitors can have more counter space without sacrificing floorspace.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry
Luxurious Light

While Jon knew he needed to remodel much of this cabin from the get-go, he still wanted to preserve and highlight the original view from the living room. To accomplish this, he kept the space light and simple by refinishing the original hardwood floors and keeping the color palette neutral. Two walls of windows — built into the white shiplapped walls — face the water. The historical floors and fresh wall coverings strike a pleasant balance between old and new. In Farmhouse Fixer, Kristina Crestin designs the spaces while Jon focuses on the renovations. So taking on this design himself felt like quite the challenge. He went a bit over budget, but rose to the occasion and created a nostalgic, modern and relaxing cabin getaway. "I can only imagine the greatness that's to come," Jon said of the next campground reno.

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The Cabin With the Porch, Before

On to Jon's next Camp Revamp renovation: another two-bedroom, one-bathroom cabin struck by disaster just one week before renovations began. A massive tree fell into the roof, adding $60,000 of destruction to Jon’s allotted budget and raising an important question: How sturdy are the other trees on the grounds? After discussing with an expert, Jon learned he'd need to remove dozens of trees for safety purposes. Buyer's remorse set in, but the Knight siblings — who all share fond memories of summers at their grandparents' lakeside cabin — stepped in to keep Jon motivated. "It's been disaster after disaster," Jon told them, in a state of despair. His sister, Sharon, replied, "We can all help you, we're here for you."

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
Retro Kitchen

There may have been (literally) too many cooks in this kitchen when it came to making stylistic decisions. Knight siblings Allison and Jordan agreed to help Jon design this cottage, but the trio quickly found it difficult to agree. "Everyone has an opinion," Jon said. Eventually communication and compromise won. The new space feels energetic and nostalgic. Cherry paneling on the walls and white retro appliances create a neutral foundation for the star: cheery yellow-painted cabinetry. Classic black-and-gray checkered flooring balances out the bright hues, while a stainless-steel backsplash behind the stove adds some shine — a detail "very in-style with the time," Jon's mom said during the final walkthrough.

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The Bathroom, Before

A pink toilet and a vanity was all this tiny bathroom offered — but cabin number two wasn't alone: Unfortunately, none of the structures on the grounds came with showers. Jon and Jordan calculated it would cost $10,000 to add a shower to each cabin — a total of $100,000. They weighed their options: Since this particular cottage would be remodeled with a "family-friendly" feel in mind, a shower would be worth the splurge.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
The Bathroom, After

Mission accomplished! Despite Jon's concern about the already-tight budget and the room's teensy-tiny parameters, the finished family-friendly space boasts a storybook feel and the perfect blend of old and new. There’s a lot of textural variety — smooth wooden cabinetry, painted wall paneling, glossy subway tile in the shower and a sleek marble countertop. During the renovation, Jon borrowed floorspace from one of the main bedrooms on the first floor to add a bit of extra room for the toilet and new shower. A darling shower curtain made of material resembling the patches on a quilt adds whimsy, Harley noted. Sticking to his retro theme, Jon installed black-and-white vinyl floor tiles.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
A Loft for the Kiddos

Before its revamp, this cabin only had one floor. To create more space for bedrooms, Jon devised a plan to create a loft. This brilliant move bumped the cabin up from having two bedrooms to four fantastic sleeping areas. “This is probably one of the most ingenious ways to invent more space," Jon's sister, Sharon, said. Jon designed the loft with children in mind, coining it, "the treehouse." A staircase with a wooden banister leads to the loft area. Once upstairs, it's a dream hangout spot. Soft carpet offers cushion and comfort for playful kiddos plus a sheepskin rug, plush blankets and pillows available for an extra-cozy rest, too. Sunlight from strategically placed windows and bright-colored bedding keep the space light and youthful. "It's like [a kid's] own little fort up here," Sharon said.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
The Cabin Exterior, After

Between natural disasters, design squabbles and space restrictions, this cabin offered many obstacles — but Jon overcame them all. "Without [my family's] love and support, I would probably be a puddle on the ground right now," Jon said.

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Cabin Three's Exterior, Before

This cabin reno was especially lofty. While working on it, Jon was also preparing to leave for a world tour with New Kids on the Block. "There's a lot going on," Jon said of the fast-approaching tour and mounting budget concerns. He'd also recently made a heartbreaking decision to tear-down a hopeless cabin. So, Jon reassessed his priorities and created more realistic goals. Enter cabin three, renovated with help from Jon's Mom, Marlene, and his sister, Sharon.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
Cabin Three's Exterior, After

This cabin is a mouse-house gone glam. Marlene and Sharon decided to design it for couples and aimed to create a whimsical, romantic and “European” getaway. Inside this beautiful blue abode is a bedroom, full-bathroom, kitchen, fireplace and a porch any duo is bound to enjoy while on a romantic rendezvous. Let’s check it out.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
Romantic Porch

Jon was determined to make the most of every square foot he was working with (all 525 of them!). To do this, he sealed the windows in the porch for visitors to enjoy year-round and set up several seating arrangements, including a dining table for meals and a plush window seat for relaxing. As for the color palette, foundational blues, grays and creams allow bold yellow accents — seen mainly in the light fixtures and décor — to shine. The lantern hung by the front door is a nod to Jon's camp theme.

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The Kitchen, Before

With hopes of salvaging as much as possible, Jon and Marelene were delighted to discover old furniture and décor that could be refurbished. As well, Jon learned he'd be able to keep the original pine-wood flooring if he refinished it — which saved him from spending on a whole new floor. Jon's brother, Jordan, said it's a “miracle," that "you could salvage anything" from these cabins. (Clearly Jon is a miracle-worker, but we already knew that!)

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
The Kitchen, After

Sunlight bounces off of the friendly blue cabinetry, clean white counters and brass hardware. Visitors who pay close attention to details will love this kitchen even more: The backsplash is made up of hand-painted tile imported from Portugal. A simple farmhouse style kitchen sink adds to the "romantic, European-getaway" feel, as Jon put it. Sure, Jon splurged and went a bit over his budget to make it all happen, but he accomplished everything he wanted.

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The Couples Bathroom, Before

The original bathroom was as Jon put it, "a toilet and vanity." Jon, Marlene and Sharon felt a shower large enough for two was in order — this is the couple’s cabin, after all. Knowing they'd need to tweak the layout to create space, they factored an extra $10,000 into their budget.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
The Couples Bathroom, After

Completed, the sleek bathroom feels fresh, organic and modern. Amber Zellige tile — imported from Morocco — stands out against the mostly-neutral color palette and adds to the organic ambiance of the cabin. Contrasting shapes also bring layered variety into the otherwise simple space: the mirror is a delightfully unusual rectangle while the sink boasts a deep oval shape.

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The Bedroom

The blue-and-white hues from the kitchen carry into the bedroom — which is simultaneously chic and cozy. In a moment of creativity, Jon ditched the room's door and opted for flowy, sheer drapes to separate the space from the rest of the cabin without completely sectioning it off. Marlene found a historic French-style chandelier which Jon reused and hung from the ceiling to tie together the "romantic, old-world" feel of the cabin.

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Photo: Shawn G. Henry/Getty Images
Lakeside Getaway

Between the appealing view of the lake, the soothing blue paint and the energetic orange door of the exterior, the final glance visitors get of cabin number three is comforting, nostalgic and elegant. Camp never felt so good. Tune in next Tuesday, July 9 at 9|8c to watch Jon and his family tackle another cabin in this season's final episode.

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