Mixtape Tour 2022 set list

Here is the set list for New Kids on the Block's 2022 Mixtape Tour! If you want set lists from previous tours, click here!

Illtown Sluggaz (and Griffin McIntyre since June 14) come out first for approximately 30 minutes on the B stage. Then they play a Farmhouse Fixer video, a promo for the NKOTB cruise and a promo for The Wood Works. The New Kids on the Block take the stage approximately 8PM on weeknights and 8:15 on weekend shows. 

NKOTB (approx. 30 minutes including video intro):

Block Party

Favorite Girl

Dirty Dancing 


Cover Girl

The Right Stuff

The Whisper/Shout (Guys go out in the crowd at the floor level between the 2 stages, then finish on B stage)

En Vogue (approx. 8 minutes):

Never Gonna Get It

Free Your Mind 

Rick Astley (approx. 7 minutes):

Together Forever (B stage)

It Would Take a Strong Strong Man (B stage)

NKOTB (approx. 19 minutes):

Montage of: 

House Party

New Kids on the Block

Hold On (mixed with "The Stroke" by Billy Squier)

Full Service

Return of the Mac (Mark Morrison song that Donnie performed on The Masked Singer)

(the guys do a dance to) the TikTok Song "Viva La Vida X Swing" by Coldplay and Savage

Call it What You Want (Mixed with "Pure Love" by Crystal Waters and "Groove Is In The Heart" by Deee-Lite)

Twisted (mixed with "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics  


Salt-N-Pepa (approx. 12 minutes):

None of your business


Let’s Talk About Sex

Shake your thang (Quick change cam)

Whata Man with En Vogue 

En Vogue:

Don’t let go


Please don’t go girl (B stage)

Games(B stage)

Tonight (B stage, guys come out in the crowd)

Montage of: Girls just want to have fun, Poison,  I want to dance with somebody, You shook me all night long, Living on a prayer…

Rick Astley:

Never Gonna Give You Up

Cry for help


Shoop: with guest rap by Donnie (B stage)


Baby I Believe in You

Didn’t I blow your mind 

Valentine girl

If you go away 

I’ll be loving you forever 

En Vogue 

Hold on to your love (B stage)


Step by step 


Push it


Hangin Tough/We will rock you


Bring back the time 

Never gonna give you up (again) 


Unknown said...

OMG I really hope they stick to this tomorrow night in Indy!!!! That was a killer show from reading this list.

Unknown said...

please play bring back the time

I love that song

Anonymous said...

You NEED to squeeze in “The Way” pleaaassssseeeeee??

Unknown said...

Very sad they arent doing 80s baby ! But will be amazing still! :)

Unknown said...

Setlist looks amazing. Kinda hoped for Popsicle or Angel from the OG album, but beggars can't be choosers. Just thrilled to finally get to my first show..... been waiting decades years for this.

Kel said...

At the Milwaukee concert, Rick Astley only sung Never Gonna Give You Up and Cry For Help. He did not sing Together Forever and It Would Take A Strong Strong Man.

NKOTB News said...

Kel - Rick was stuck in some bad weather and was not able to get to the venue in Milwaukee in time for his first set.

Kel said...

Thank you for letting me know. I wasn’t aware of that. We did have some really nasty weather that day. Tornadoes and everything.

Unknown said...

I hope they stick to this tonight!

Unknown said...

Chicago show, no dropkick Murphy before hang n tough just not the same! Hopefully buffalo will be different