Monday, June 29, 2009

Donnie on Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson was, without a doubt, the single most amazing performer that I’ve ever seen. As a young teenage boy with a dream- he was beyond inspirational. The fact that his public/private life became a soap opera and a sideshow is more of a reflection of our societies misplaced priorities than it is a reflection of the type of person that he may have been. Yet despite all of that- the fact that his performances, even of even 25 years ago, still resonate today….. THAT is a true testament to his greatness.


Donnie does an interview with Boston TV station channel 7 about Michael Jackson

Youtube video courtesy of NKOTBRandyGirl1


KnightsAreSweet said...

I saw you guys saturday night at riverbend music center you rocked da house I love the respect you gave Michael Jackson loved the MJ slideshow I knew you would do that I know you all liked him my friend Kristy got to meet you at the Waffle house lucky her she didnt let me know about It because I would of been there amy walls cincinnati,ohio peace

BabyBirdieGirl said...

Hey Donnie
I saw you guys in Glasgow in Jan and you rocked!!! Loved the kilts and the Braveheart piece!!! I had VIP tickets so was lucky enough to meet you all and the hug you gave me was amazing!!! Anyway just wanted to say that I adore MJ and thanks for sharing your tribute to him with your other fans via You Tube. There will never be anyone like him again, he was a legend and a monumental talent that will never be replaced. Heading to the Kings Theatre in Glasgow this Thurs to see the production of Thriller and can't wait! It will be amazing to be a part of the celebration of his life. RIP Michael.
P.S. Hope you guys come back to Scotland soon and rock us all over again!!!
Hugs and kisses,
Karen Fallon
aka BabyBirdieGirl xxx