Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Laura I said...

Dear New Kids,
I have been trying to write you for a while now. I just want you to know like many other fans it is my dream to meet you. You have a very special place in my heart. When I was young my mother died of breast cancer. It was the hardest thing I ever had to go through in my life. A few moths later the New Kids on the Block went full throddle. You made my sadness a little easier to endure. I am greatful to you all and would honor the chance in meeting you. I am a kindergarten teacher now and use Joe's song "Stay the Same" for their graduation. You have been an inspiration to me and I would love the chance to thank you in person. I am going to your concert on June 19 at Radio city music hall. Please give me that special chance to meet you. Thank you
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Anonymous said...

Dear NKOTB & BSB members,

HEY GUYS! My name is Alessandra Divina Imbrogno and I am 18 year old girl currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have been a Backstreet Boys fan since I was born (18 years to be exact) and a New Kids on the Block fan for a couple of years now. I am writing you this letter because I need your advice. On September 9th, 2013, I am to start university and I plan to become a professor teaching what I enjoy to teach others. However, one thing has always crossed my mind, whether teaching was my full potential. I have a passion for singing. Every time I see you guys perform on stage the feeling I get overpowers me tremendously. It will be hard to choose between my education and my talent; I do not want to give up either of them.

How did you guys decide that singing was the way to go, I mean I know each of you have suffered and have given up the things that you love to do? I need the assistance of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block because with your advice I will be able to make the right decision. Personally, I want to teach and sing at the same time and I know that both come from two different worlds and will be hard to handle at the same time, but I'd rather not give up one of my dreams and then regret it.

I can easily relate to each and every one of you. Jordan and Jonathan I know that you guys have suffered through several panic attacks and I know that it’s not easy to overcome those. However, you guys have been able to surpass this issue and because of that you guys have inspired me to do the same with other problems. Danny, you had a mother that passed away due to breast cancer I can understand the feeling of losing a mother since I know loved ones that have. May she rest in heavenly peace. Joey McIntyre, well you have a son that is deaf, I can share the same experience considering that I am too deaf from my right ear. It’s hard to cope with at times but together we can do anything. Last but not least, Donnie well what can I say about you, you make me laugh when I'm in the saddest of moods you are so energetic and inspirational.

To the Backstreet Boys well you have been with me since I was born, from we've got it going on to in a world like this. You guys are my inspiration and my heroes. I know in this letter you can't see the emotions that I am feeling but it truly is overpowering. AJ, the problems you had to overcome have changed and impacted my life and the life of my dearest brother. If you were able to see him you would be looking at your twin lol, I'm serious though. I look up to as a brother and so does he. Brian, well you and I share probably the most important trait, you and I are Christian believers. You take your faith seriously and I am glad that New Kids on the Block and the rest of the Backstreet Boys do too. Every album that is produced there is always a passage from the bible and I love to read them. Howie, you lost a sister to a grave battle and I know that it wasn't easy to cope with, but I'm sure she is better off in heaven looking down on you and the rest of her loved ones. Kevin, I look up to you as a protective and serious father, you managed to always keep the group stable and on focus, at times you were even silly yourself but you knew what the limit was. I'm glad that you were able to set AJ on a clean path away from danger. When you left the group in 2006 I was very heart broken. No one thought that you would return but every day I had hope that you would and you did. Last and not least, Nick. You also went through a phase with your family members and the dark side however, through the support of the rest of the Backstreet Boys you were able to surpass it and move on. You give me the inspiration that I need to continue on, all of you do.

Anonymous said...

If I can thank you guys for one thing are that each and every one of you is a blessing that I thank God for everyday. Your music is more than just lyrics it’s about love, hatred, connection, inspiration, dreaming. When I went to the NKOTBSB concert on August 6th 2011 the moment you guys appeared on stage, my past flashed before me to the time I was a little girl dancing to this type of music. The tears were flowing down my cheek. Unfortunately, that was my first and last concert that I could ever attend indoors because of my hearing problem, the music is too loud that I can't bear it at times. I couldn't risk losing my only chance of hearing your empowering music. It’s true that sometimes I wish I could turn back time to relive that night over and over again, but it is impossible. I have seen the connection between yourselves, your music and your emotion, it truly is indescribable. You guys said so yourself that when you performed together for the first time on stage you felt the power move you inside. For people who have never heard of these two bands are missing out, you guys are not just a boy band, but also a family that will always be there for each other.

I look to New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys for advice because today's generation of music is slowly decaying. All the individuals think about themselves and fame nothing else, you guys don't. I am asking just two things, one to be able to meet you in person, all of you, and two to assist me in supporting my dream to become a professor and singer. I know it’s possible but it’s not impossible. I have my faith in you to help my dream come true. The love I have toward your music, your band mates and your passion is indescribable no one can understand the way I feel about you guys. I ask that you please respond back because it would mean the world to me if you did. I have seen the impression on some of your fans when you surprised them it was unforgettable and memorable, that is the feeling I would like to cherish for the rest of my life.

What is a girl like me to do without some help from her favorite boy bands? I understand that each of you are really busy with your personal life and career however, it would mean the universe to me if I got a reply back. Like I mentioned previously, your music, friendship, connection has empowered me very much throughout my life. All I’m trying to say is thank you. You are all my role models and inspiration. Continue to create magically and powerful music with each other and never, ever, ever change who you are as a person.

Yours truly a thankful fan,

Alessandra .I.

P.S.: If you were to ask me who my favorite NKOTB or BSB member would be, I would respond that I could not answer because it would be impossible to choose. However, if you were to ask me who the cutest one would be well that’s a different story. LOL