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We don't need no stinking power!
We were so hot tonight they blew out the power!!! This tour is so sweet. We are all having a great time. There is just something different about summer tours- these out door theatres, the summer air- its like a natural aphrodisiac as the Fresh Prince once said :) and once again not only can we have the time of our lives but we can do some good for others. And Camden participated in doing so…Big Time!! Most books yet on the tour so far. After just 3 shows, we have collected over 1700 brand new beautiful books for kids who are gonna love them! They are gonna cherish these books. This book drive is gonna keep on giving and YOU are doing all the giving! I will thank them properly eventually, but a quick shout out to the production crew on this tour, especially Iowa, who has helped me get the volunteers situated for each show! Great meeting you guys! Camden didn’t have any rain, so these guys were dry. They still worked hard for the cause and collected a ton of books. Thank you to everyone who brought a new book. It says so much about you! I know this is the tip of the iceberg- we are gonna get the word out there even more… lots of people going to the shows aren’t aware of the book drive, so spread the word and for those who missed out they can go to to get involved.   What an amazing summer this is shaping up to be!!! Let’s share this. Let’s spread this. Let’s get this!   -jm

Good times, y’all… Good times!!!!!  VA was no joke- great crowd! And I think the word of mouth is happening. This is not the same show you saw before… and it so much fun to go on this ride with you guys together- summer fun…it feels so eternal- just a perfect concoction of sensuality, love and good times. Come thru! Don't miss it!

We don’t have the number for how many books yet, but thank you to all who brought a new book! Yet again it was a torrential down pour- without a doubt the most rain I’ve ever seen. So big love to the volunteers that kept the books safe.

To everyone in these first 2 shows that didn't want the book to get wet and still have it, please hang on to it. We are working out how to get it to the right people.

This summer will be a very special one for so many reasons and we are gonna be making some great memories together out here.

Let’s keep getting this!!!!!  -jm

"Cuz its gonna rain, rain and thunder!"
What is it with rain and the New Kids?! Forget good luck on your wedding day… its good luck every time we start a new chapter. The show last night was exciting and fresh and almost surreal if it was so real- right? It was pouring all afternoon… but that didn’t stop anyone. Especially the volunteers that stood in the rain collecting hundreds of books! Many hundreds- haven’t got the actual count yet but it sounds like 500! Some unfortunately didn’t make it to the drop off because of the rain, soooo….BRING A PLASTIC BAG FOR YOUR BOOK for the next shows! We are making such an impact here. And now you can go to to donate and get a free download of “5 Brothers and a Million Sisters” which I am singing on this summer tour. The recording is pretty dope if you ask me- it has that live feel of the show but it bangs in a radio way now too.  Hope you like…. And by the way- don’t share it !:) This is for charity so if people want it tell them to go to and donate for the Children’s Book Drive!!!! I love y’all! Peace, Love and Books!  -jm

We're on a Mission
For me, like a lot of others, I want to “give back”,
but I either don’t know how or I don’t think it will make a difference.
Part of Let’s Get This Foundation is learning how to get involved by learning from each other. As we are giving back with different endeavors or “steps”, we can learn from each other and create a forum for all kinds of “good works”- Wherever the passion lies.

Passion is the key.

Step 1 for the Let’s Get This Foundation is the summer book drive, taking place on the New Kids on the Block Full Service Summer Tour!
We have been/ are picking volunteers (from thousands of e-mails) to help collect new books before each show on the tour. The fans are really pumped up to get involved. Its inspiring to hear how much they have already done for their communities and the world.

Whoever brings a NEW book to the show will get a free download of a new song by Joey McIntyre “5 Brothers and a Million Sisters”- an autobiographical “thank you” to the fans.

We are also working with a group called an amazing
organization/  website that lets you buy brand new books for $2.00- 2
bucks!  Go to to donate.
There is a minimum bid of 10 bucks but that buys five books!
Very simple and very effective. 
This way someone who doesn’t want to bring a new book to the show can
donate and get involved that way. (Those who donate there will also get the free download).

The statistics for lack of age appropriate reading material in low-
income families is alarming. In one study, they found that in middle-income neighborhoods, there are 13 books to every child. In low-income neighborhoods, it’s 1 book to every 300 kids! We can help solve that problem!

There are links from illiteracy and low reading skills to almost every part of society.

We will make a huge difference by doing this.

Step 1: Children’s Book Drive

Like I said, I believe Let’s Get This Foundation can be a home for whatever we want to do that has a theme of giving back- big or small. 

Thanks for you support.
Let’s Get This!

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Laura I said...

Dear New Kids,
I have been trying to write you for a while now. I just want you to know like many other fans it is my dream to meet you. You have a very special place in my heart. When I was young my mother died of breast cancer. It was the hardest thing I ever had to go through in my life. A few moths later the New Kids on the Block went full throddle. You made my sadness a little easier to endure. I am greatful to you all and would honor the chance in meeting you. I am a kindergarten teacher now and use Joe's song "Stay the Same" for their graduation. You have been an inspiration to me and I would love the chance to thank you in person. I am going to your concert on June 19 at Radio city music hall. Please give me that special chance to meet you. Thank you
My e-mail is