Thursday, November 19, 2009

Joe's "Shareholders" conference call

Joe will have a "Shareholders" conference call @5:30 pm Pacific Time. Here is some more information from Joey's site:

So everyone can call in. You can ask a question. That question is recorded. I can listen to all questions by you guys and then if I decide to answer a particular question I press a button and I am connected with the person who asked it. Everyone on the call will then hear me and that person talking live! Isn't that cool? Let's do it. Let's connect this! The numbers to call are 877-33-NKOTB or 617-830-1100 . I will tweet exactly when to call, but I'm thinking a little after 5pm L.A. time. Be sure to check back for more details but that is basically the deal. Til then!! -jm

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