Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joey's Blog #2 has another blog from Joe up:

Joey McIntyre Exclusive Blog #2
Thu, 12 Nov 2009 08:43:39

Joey McIntyre [New Kids on the Block] is giving editor and Dolor author Rick Florino a series of updates on his forthcoming solo record in this exclusive blog series, here we go again with part 2
Joey McIntyre Exclusive Blog #2

Joey McIntyre tells editor and Dolor author Rick Florino about his surprise guest spot on Donnie Wahlberg's radio show in Canada, the world premiere of "Here We Go Again" and just trying to keep the lid on in the second installment of this exclusive blog series….

How much longer does this thing have to bubble before it bursts?

That's the key to my life—trying to keep the lid on.

That balance, that simmer...I'm about to blow. But, we're going to let it ooze out slowly like lava, and then bang!!! When is the actual explosion? I don't much as I plan, I still can't see the future, but I'm looking forward to it regardless! Last Friday, my good friend Donnie asked me to join him up in Toronto for his show. He's been throwing one big party after another lately—going to different cities. This time, it was T-Dot!

Donnie was guest DJ-ing at CHUM FM, and he thought it would be cool to premiere my new song "Here We Go Again" to the world, and I was flattered.

There's absolutely nothing like hearing your song on the radio! The mix sounds hot as hell, and it just came blasting through the speakers. The feeling of making something and throwing it down the airwaves is just so special. I'm really excited about doing more in Canada—the fans up there have been so good to me!

Later on that night, I was actually a surprise guest on Donnie's show!

We tried to sell it like I was back in L.A. when I called in to the radio station, but I was actually in the other room. We wanted the theatrics of me walking on stage during the show that night. I think most people were genuinely surprised, but in these days of Twitter, everything gets out...I had to hide out all day, and if I saw some folks, I had to swear them to secrecy.

I think the people that weren't in Toronto kind of knew what was up. I got lots of Tweets telling me to "Stop lying!" Hahaha... It was still fun to try though! All and all it was a whirlwind 24-hour trip for me that was so worth it!

For now you can hear my new single streaming on my NEW web site And you can get your own copy of "Here We Go Again" at iTunes next week! It's all happening!

Just trying to keep the lid on!!


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