Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black Roots Radio Article on Jordan Knight

Here is an article from Black Roots Radio about Jordan:

Jordan Knight's new single "Let's Go Higher" was released Tuesday (March 1), and it's a chugging club tune about hitting the dance floor with that special someone. The New Kids on the Block singer hooked up with onetime Lady Gaga collaborator Colby O'Donis, who wrote the song with the Knight in mind and felt it was the perfect track to re-launch his solo career.

"I had a track and I really liked this track. I needed a writer to see if they could put some good idea over it," Knight said of another song he had been working on. "I was always talking about Colby O'Donis. He's got a great vibe," he recalled, adding that O'Donis had something else in mind for the pop star.

"He sent [it] and it was produced by him in his studio, so the production wasn't exactly where I wanted it. But I could recognize the song as being a really good song with a great hook and great message," he said. Knight first hooked up with the songwriter a year ago before reworking the track with Marcus Siskind.

"I've been kind of working on a solo record for a year and a half and it just didn't feel like it was all put together," Knight explained. "It all fell together now at a great time."

Knight is soaking up the fun, pop vibe that has taken over mainstream radio and will certainly find its way onto his next album. "Higher" is the lead single off Knight's May solo album release, Unfinished, which drops the same month that New Kids on the Block is set to hit the road with the Backstreet Boys on their highly anticipated joint venture.

"There's a few ballads. It's not ballad heavy. It does represent well the tone of the album," he said. "The tone is definitely upbeat. I think a lot of people thought that I would do mid-tempos — Jordan's the crooner romantic guy — but it's not really that kind of music. I honestly prefer upbeat music. I prefer doing upbeat music. With the New Kids, I loved the ballads. I was all about ballads. I'm not really into ballads anymore," he laughed.

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