Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Listen to "10" by NKOTB now!

iHeartRadio is now streaming New Kids on the Block's new album "10": Check out the full album below!

We Own Tonight:

Remix (I Like The):

Take My Breath Away:

Wasted on You:

Fighting Gravity:

Miss You More:

The Whisper:

Jealous (Blue):


Back To Life:

Now Or Never:

Survive You / Hidden Track:


Anonymous said...

I love the new album. Can not wait to get the CD.

Sarah said...

Love it! Especially Survive You! Jon sings again! YES!

JonasBoy said...
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Unknown said...

can't wait to get the CD on April 2nd!!!!!sounds good

Tinne75 said...

Nice album. At what time sings Jon in Survive You?

Anonymous said...

Miss you More awesome just awesome

Sarah said...

Tinne75 listen from 0:13-0:21 on Survive You that's when Jon sings.

Anonymous said...

Love this new album and I love Jons voice!.

guisellapalacios said...

Jon's voice is beautiful

Unknown said...

I love Fighting Gravity! Thank you for posting these links. I'm not going to be able to buy the album till May or June.

Anonymous said...

More than an NKOTB Album sounds like a Donnie Wahlberg one with his background singers Joe Mc Intyre and Jordan Knight...Hope Donnie's voice is good enough to sing this live. The best songs are Miss you More and Jealous

Anonymous said...

As much as I love the New Kids and Donnie, I kind of agree. Donnie isn't that strong of a live singer compared to Joey and Jordan. I also wish Jordan sang more on Remix (I Like The). But I still absolutely love them and the album! I can't wait to see them on tour! Jealous is my favorite song!