Thursday, August 29, 2013

Joey McIntyre's interview with 5280 The Denver Magazine

Joey McIntyre talked with 5280 The Denver Magazine recently. Here is the interview.

Joey McIntyre has got the right stuff—he hopes. The former New Kids on the Block stud is headlining a one-man, autobiographical musical that's launching at the Denver Center on August 29. The Kid is a developmental show, meaning it's a finished production but adjustments can and will be made throughout the run based on audience and crew feedback. We caught up with the singer to get the scoop.

5280: What inspired you to make this musical?

Joey McIntyre: I can’t help it. I grew up on the stage. The cool thing is that part of the process of doing [the show] is not totally knowing the why. That’s the fun part of being a performer. I'm going to find out a lot about this show that I don’t know right now. Denver is our first time in front of an audience.

5280: What's The Kid about?

Getting involved with NKOTB and that whole experience, and then, because that happened at such a young age, having to really stop having [true] teen years and then all of a sudden go "Now what?" and trying to navigate through that stuff—that’s a big part of the show. But it starts when I’m very young and with my family. It’ll be interesting whether you're a New Kids fan or not.

5280: But NKOTB fans can expect to hear some familiar music?

We play everything from theater [songs] to New Kids to Nat King Cole to my original stuff—and a few surprises.

5280: Why should people come see it?

It’s a story about family and a story I hope will touch people and make people think about their lives and their journey, not just mine. To me, that’s interesting, to see someone navigate through a show. The cool thing is it's the beginning. Theatergoers like being a part of it at the beginning and seeing it come to life.

5280: I hear the elevation has been an adjustment...

I'm finally over it. I'm in great shape as far as cardio. I’m a runner. But the first couple of days you walk up a flight of stairs and you're like, Woah. I didn’t know how dry it was here, so I've had to get used to that, too. But you get over it.

The Kid plays the Garner Galleria Theatre August 29–September 15; tickets start at $45.

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