Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New TV Series "Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block" coming

TV Guide reports that TVGN has ordered an 8 episode series about the New Kids on the Block cruise!  Here is the press release:

TVGN has ordered a cruise series featuring New Kids on the Block, the network announced Tuesday. In addition, the network is developing three new projects, including a singing competition series.

Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block is an eight-episode series that will feature diehard NKOTB fans on week-long cruise with the boy band. TVGN has also ordered a casting special for Rock This Boat: NKOTB.


Anonymous said...

Why are you exploiting your fans? Shouldn't you have released this information before your fans bought tickets for a private vacation?

Anonymous said...

Private vacation??! You must be joking. ... everyone that I know that goes on these cruises makes sure everyone knows about it and how much fun they are! We were also told about the shows and were able to apply if we wanted :) So you see no exploiting going on here. ...NKOTB always cares about their fans!

Sybil K said...

Week-Long? Casting?
Will there be another cruise for the reality show or the current scheduled on?

Unknown said...

If there is a special cruise for this series, how do bhs get on board for the casting call???

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