Monday, December 1, 2014

Joey McIntyre's mother passes away

My condolences to Joey and his family for the loss of their mother Katherine. Joey shared this post on Instagram today:

My mom passed away yesterday morning. In her final months and days she was at peace. Happy to have her family around. She'd laugh and smile and hold hands and hug. This picture is when I last saw her in August. As you you can see, my son Griffin was thrilled to hang out with her. Alzheimer's is a horrible horrible disease, but for us, it was bitter sweet. The last few years there was just love and sweetness. You can't be a lily all the time while raising 9 kids. 9 kids!!! She had a strong abiding faith in her God. And I am a product of that faith. She is missed but she will always be with us. I know many of you BHs have a special connection to her. Over the years, she always thought it was so special of you all to write her and send keepsakes. She'd often send handwritten letters back. She was a lovely writer- very witty. Loved a parody- could rewrite a lyric of a standard and personalize it for a friend or co-worker on the spot. And she'd sing it for them too. And her great get away- the stage. Especially the one at the Footlight Club. But then again, she was always performing... She's singing a song to St. Peter now. Katherine Bowen McIntyre 6/27/1931-11/30/2014 "I love you, Mama."

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