Thursday, June 9, 2016

Watch NKOTB on the Today Show (6-9-16)

Here is a clip of the New Kids on the Today Show from this morning.

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Unknown said...

You know been 8yrs I haven't had a chance to meet them i like most fans have been a fan sense I was 13 yrs old I will be 40 soon coming this July I have been harassed by nkotb fans for my swearing but yet they had the opportunity to meet these guys when they talk dirty online I am on a fixed income so I got to watch my spending it's not like I stalk them i usually stay home and just try to enjoy their music i am highly ticked that I still have not meet nkotb i have donated to remember Betty more then 3 times but that is not the reason why I donated to their cause I donate because cancer runs in my family and so does autism if I spelled that correctly I have a learning disability which I don't want any special attention or charity from no one all I ever wanted to before these guys quit is a chance to meet them but that will never happen