Saturday, September 24, 2016

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy event in Texas on October 1

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy will be hosting an event in McKinney, TX on October 1st. The event will feature national and local celebrities and a performance by Cirque du Soleil. Here is some more information from PR Newswire:

McCarthy, Wahlberg Bring Star-Studded Event to North Texas
Trident Lakes To Dedicate New Equestrian Center to Generation Rescue
MCKINNEY, Texas, Sept. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Celebrities Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are bringing their unique glitz and glamour to North Texas for a star-studded fundraising event on Oct. 1. The power couple will host a party – "A Night of Hope" – featuring national and local celebrities and a performance by Cirque du Soleil, all benefitting McCarthy's autism charity: Generation Rescue.

The gala will be held at the residence of local businessman John Eckerd, chairman of MyMojo and Trident Lakes, and his wife, Lauren, in McKinney's prestigious Provine Farms.

Invited guests include Dennis Haysbert (24), Joey Fatone (*NSync), Debbe Dunning (Home Improvement), assorted Dallas Cowboys' alumni and various stars from Bravo's Real Housewives franchise including Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky, New Jersey's Jacqueline and Chris Laurita and Dallas' LeeAnne Locken, Tiffany Hendra, Stephanie Hollman, Brandi Redmond and Cary Deuber.

In conjunction with the party, an unprecedented new Trident Lakes real estate development located near Bonham, Texas will commence its official groundbreaking by dedicating its state-of-the-art equestrian center to McCarthy's Generation Rescue. Trident Lakes is a $300 million, 700-acre project planned to boast one of the world's largest fountains, 400 Earth-covered luxury condominiums and upscale amenities such as a golf course, spa, shooting ranges and massive blue lagoons for water sports.

The community's 100,000-square foot equestrian center will feature 100 stalls and encompass two riding arenas and a polo field. It will be named in honor of McCarthy's foundation – "The Generation Rescue Equestrian Center at Trident Lakes."

"There will be lots of amenities at Trident Lakes," says project CEO Jim O'Connor, "but no doubt the equestrian center - and especially those it helps - will always hold a very special place in all of our hearts."

McCarthy, who married Wahlberg in 2014, became involved with Generation Rescue in 2008 after her son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism. She is a star with successful careers as a model, media host, comedian and author. The couple also has their own A&E reality show, Donnie Loves Jenny.


Anonymous said...

Other than the NSYNCer, I don't consider ANY of those people 'celebrities.'

Also: Bleach enemas and other unproven 'cures/treatments' from GenRescue are, at best, useless, and at worst, dangerous child abuse. The charity has a rating of 81% as far as financial transparency, and only about 83 cents of every dollar goes to actual 'treatments.' Many charities do better than that. Charity Navigator has the info.

Google GenRescue to see what 'services' and 'products' I'm talking about. I believe in educated giving to charities. Donor beware.

How many of D's Texas exes will buy tickets to this? Lol

Wonder how long til this post gets removed? 9am EST as I post this

Unknown said...

So sorry you don't realize what a celebrity is. Donny Whalberg is a major star in Blue Bloods as well as a performer in NKOTB for man man years and Jenny has been known for many years. Obviously you like boy bands since you mentioned NSYnC but you left out the best bad NKOYB.

Anonymous said...

I thought Donnie and Jenny were HOSTING, not being 'celebrity guests'? Lol
You can't even spell his name right.
I AM a fan of NKOTB - it's how I saw this posting.
The 'guests' are not real celebs. Reality tv stars, retired football players.. smh.

You had nothing to say about the awful treatments offered by Gen Rescue, or the fact that they aren't letting people see all of their financial info, I see.

Anonymous said...

I have attended and donated to this Charity for several years in multiple states. They do donate an overwhelming majority of their revenue to autism research. Jenny and Donnie also donate countless unpaid hours directly to the benefit of the charity. I'm not saying they are perfect, I've yet to meet anyone that is, however they do a remarkable job with both money and time for this cause. As to celebrities in attendance, like I said I have attended these events for years and always been amazed by the star studded crowds. Yes there are always current high profile celebrities in attendance as well as billionaires and executives from numerous companies. They simply don't advertise their names in public for the sake of common privacy.

Anonymous said...

WOW! They deleted my last comment! Imagine that. #freedomofspeech lol

Anonymous said...

The 'treatments' are unproven. Why not use the money to provide proven services to families? Jenny pays money to her own charity, gets to claim her 'donation' to herself on her taxes... Research can be a dead end, but proven treatments would help the kids in need. Better nutrition, speech therapy etc. You know?

Celebs buying tickets to an event is not the same as the celebs being 'special guests.' If you run into a celeb at a movie theater, restaurant, or whatever, and they haven't volunteered to do m&g, they aren't there to entertain - they're there to have a good time. There's a difference between the band playing at a wedding (hired to be there) and a guest attending the wedding (they owe you nothing). See the diff?

D & J get publicity, chances to promote their products/tv shows/books etc via 'charity work.' Bunch of rich people patting each other on the back over being awesome while getting to dress up, do photo ops, drink and schmooze. Meh. That's not 'volunteering.' They're getting sthg out of it.

Again, nothing to say about the dangerous and unproven treatments, or about the fact that many non-profits publish all their financial records. I'm not talking about outing anonymous donors, but where is the money going?

Is that you, D? Lol