Thursday, September 1, 2016

Watch Donnie Wahlberg on GMA

Donnie was on Good Morning America this morning to talk about going to Las Vegas for the opening of Wahlburgers and to taste burgers created by the hosts. Also, check of this periscope video of Donnie backstage before the show (Donnie's part is about 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the video).

Transcript for Las Vegas Cooking: Donnie Wahlberg Does Burgers on 'GMA':

You sent in pictures of your best creations and joining us now with us is Donnie Wahlberg, the singer, actor and reality star and owner of Wahlburgers. That's right. We'll have a big burger competition with our team but chat first. Holiday weekend coming up. I heard Vegas is the place to be? We just opened Wahlburgers in Vegas and it's really outside of Boston it was the place we most wanted to go to as our next location because if we're in Vegas we can reach the whole world because everyone from around the world goes to Vegas. It's a great place to eat. Great restaurant place so the competition to have great food is amazing and labor day weekend for it to be up and running is exciting. Also exciting because me and my wife are celebrating our second anniversary this weekend so we're going to go to Vegas and I get to visit. You're a spokesperson for Las Vegas but also when is a weekend not in Vegas, I mean it's always timing for Vegas. It's one of the other reasons we wanted to open in Vegas because it gives me and my brothers an excuse to constantly go to Vegas and I mean there's no better place to go. I'm glad your wife jenny is on board. She comes with me. I don't go alone. I don't go alone. Let's clarify, people. You brought three of the brother -- can you call them brother burgers. They're just signature burgers of the restaurant, we each -- Paul our brother is the chef and designed all the ingredients and recipes and everything, but we had a chance to, you know, give our own input. So mark, for example, he likes Thanksgiving -- in where is mark's burger. It's like Thanksgiving leftovers on a burger. Turkey burger, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce and all this stuff and it's good and Paul has the signature burger of the restaurant which is called our burger, the whole family. Government cheese which we grew up on. We were very poor and had nine kids in the house and grew up on free cheese and took the same kind of cheese and put it in the burgers and melts the best, melts like that. I know how that melts. The government cheese just melts and we have my burger. Mine has jalapenos and avocados and you get Paul's like the momma bear. 'Kind of cold. Mark is like the daddy bear, he's kind of hot and I'm just right. Mine is just right. Not biased but we have a competition going on with Amy, Tom, okay, Amy and Tom. Who can eat the fastest I'm going to win. Eat-off or burger-off. You have to make one too in all the Wahlburger ingredients. 15 housemade condiments my brother Paul created. 15 seconds on the clock. You got 15 seconds. You make the burger and I will eat it. Okay -- You're going to eat it. I will taste them all. That is a very naughty way to squirt the sauce. Naughty. Okay. Seven, six -- I couldn't open it up. Four. Are you kidding me. Two, one. Oh, my gosh. I don't have anything. I probably should have told you at wahlburgers we put the condiments on the bottom, not the top. I couldn't get the bun open. The bun. That's what he said but that's a whole other story. Okay -- Donny, you said you'd eat it if I made it. I see both of you use bleu cheese. I don't really like bleu cheese so I'm probably going to go with this one. You totally copped out. Look at mine. Let me try this first. How does anyone eat that. That's why I don't cook in let me try. Get a bite of that, oh, my god. This is going -- Yep. Get in there. Oh, my gosh. Get in there. Yay.
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