Friday, February 1, 2019

NKOTB Cruise 2020 news

New Kids on the Block posted an update on their website this morning saying there will not be a cruise in 2019, but they will have one in the Spring of 2020! It seems like the text is not showing up on some mobile devices, so here is the complete announcement:

Hi, Blockheads! 
We've received so many inquiries about the next NKOTB Cruise. Including many questions about whether there will even be another cruise. Rest assured — NKOTB Cruise XI will be happening. In fact, we cannot wait to set sail with you again! That said, we've long wanted to find a way to return the cruise to its original Spring-time period.
Since we will already be spending this coming Spring and Summer hanging out with all of you on the Mixtape Tour, we've decided that this is the perfect opportunity to begin the process of making plans to give everyone a reset, and prepare to set sail on our next cruise in the Spring of 2020. We know you all like to plan ahead and so do we! This will give us all ample time to prep for what we all hope will be the greatest cruise ever and in the most optimum weather! 
We can't wait to release our new music on the Hangin' Tough Re-issue this March and kick off this tour in May 2019. It's going to be an epic journey together with you filled with new memories. We will announce further information on our 2020 Cruise XI at a later date — most likely towards the end of this year. We will see all of your beautiful faces at the Mixtape Tour if not sooner


Belinda said...

I'm from the UK and am DESPERATE to come on the 2020 cruise. I spent 25 years in a very abusive domestic violence relationship where everything was I've got 25 years of NKOTB to catch up on. I used to listen to old cassette tapes while my ex went out in secret as I knew he'd hit me if he knew what I was I HAVE LOADS TO CATCH UP WITH. I've been a fan since the start and never had the chance to see a concert. That needs to change, next year on the 2020 cruise. I look forward to the announcement. I look forward to joining the boys next year. Soooo excited already. Can't wait to hear the details. Also, are there any concessions for disabled passengers?
Much love one and all (as always to the boys themselves). Can't wait to see you all whenever and wherever it may be. One more thing...WHEN ARE NKOTB COMING TO TOUR IN THE UK OR EUROPE?? we're missing out and we all have just as much love to give....
Love y'all too much
Belinda x

Belinda said...

The last comment here was mine. Just to say...I REALLY hope I receive a reply or answer to my questions, I've been trying for a long time to get answers...
Again, much love one and all x

Unknown said...

Can anyone from the UK give a estimate on price?

Anonymous said...

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