Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Movie About NKOTB 'FanGirls' Shopped at Major Studios

TooFab posted this article about a possible movie with a NKOTB theme

The New Kids On The Block are back on tour -- cue the big hair, scrunchies, neon windbreakers and just about everything '80s nostalgia! 
It's a great time be a middle aged Blockhead. And now there's a screenplay garnering industry buzz that celebrates what it means to stan something for decades (before the term "stan" even existed). 
TooFab has learned a movie about late-thirties NKOTB fangirls -- appropriately titled "FanGirls" -- is being shopped at major studios and is garnering a lot of interest in Hollywood. 
It's being billed as an R-Rated female comedy about four lifelong friends who loved New Kids On The Block when they were kids. The four ladies head to Vegas to relive their youth as one of them approaches the big 4-O to revel in a NKOTB reunion concert. Mayhem ensues. 
It is being shopped around as "Hangover" meets "Bad Moms" but with more heart. We're told "FanGirls" is a coming of age story for females in their late-thirties and examines the ups and downs of longterm friendships. 
The screenplay, by Lara Khajetoorians Larkin, made it on The Hit List 2016 (an industry list of the top specs of the year). 
The tagline on the IMDB page advises: "FanGirls don't blow the band."

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