Monday, August 21, 2023

Joey McIntyre's shows in Hawaii

Joey played two shows at the Blue Note in Honolulu, Hawaii over the weekend! These are the last of his scheduled solo dates, but he has been hinting he may add more dates in "the south", Brooklyn, and more at The Bourbon Room in Los Angeles.  He raised more than $4,000 for those on Maui just on his merch sales and a group of "Bravehearts" raised over $3,000! Plus, he doesn't know the amount of money yet, but he is donating his proceeds from Sunday's show as well. 

Here are some video highlights of his time in Hawaii from his Instagram

(Note it freezes briefly about 7:17 because Barrett called, and it stopped his livestream)

And here are some photos he shared: 

Here are Joey's Hawaii "talk backs" shared by Shariprice7777. He talks a bit about donating to help the victims of the Maui wildfire, the future of "The Wanderer", his "5 nights in Brooklyn" idea and more! 

Note: if the videos below don't play, here are the direct links: Night 1 | Night 2

Update: Here one more video from his stories about raising money for Maui:

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