Thursday, August 3, 2023

Talk Back with Joey McIntyre part 2

To kick off the VIP experience, Joey has been letting the fans ask some questions! If you missed my post with videos from the first half of the tour, click here!  Below are some videos from the second half of the tour!

Special thanks to @penny2727, @baby.t.bell, @2joegirls, @CiarraMarie, @stephandthenewkids, @rafeef.samo, @j_dub_nkotb, @joeyspdggirl, and @mrsokanemusic for sharing your videos!

I'm missing a few, so if you have videos, or know where to find them, please let me know!

July 18 in Toronto

Video courtesy of Penny 

July 20 in Oakmont, PA

Videos courtesy of Tonya

July 22 in Cincinnati, OH

Video courtesy of Tonya

July 24 in Evanston, IL

July 26 in Atlanta, GA

July 27 in Nashville, TN

Video courtesy of Marie_ 95

Video courtesy of Marie_ 95

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