Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some overdue updates:)

ON SALE 4/16 @ 10a
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Donnie, Danny and Jordan are having fun while listening the "Looking Like Danger"

Video courtesy of couthie

Joey talks style:

Donnie will appear at Jimmy Marsh event April 25 in San Francisco.

Joey posted a blog on his site:

04/06/2010 - The Great One We have just announced that we are playing the Fillmore in Miami on the Thursday before the cruise. First of all we haven't played Miami in a long long time- yes the Miami area-ish, but not Miami. So that is special. Second, The Fillmore is in South Beach... ah, my youth on South Beach- good times...nice to relive it in a safe way :) Third, The Fillmore is a very cool brand (as they say in the industry) so you know the vibe is gonna be right. Fourth, the Fillmore used to be called the Jackie Gleason Theatre. You know what they used to call him? "The Great One". I spent a lot of time in Miami when I would go down with my dad to business conventions and then it was the natch spot to get away from the Boston winters. As a young man, I pulled a few "almost" all-nighters down there. And during the day, I would often pass the Jackie Gleason Theatre and think, "Some day." I mean he was/is the Great One and I just always loved the locale of that theatre, so once again the New Kids check another one off the list of Joey McIntyre's Show Biz Wish List. Thanks, guys... 5 brothers and a million sisters- it gets you in.

Donnie has been in New York filming his TV pilot for "Reagan's Law". He was mentioned in the Boston Globe recently.

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