Sunday, August 7, 2011

London Free Press: New Kid says it's not over

Here is an article from the London Free Press hinting about possible future plans for NKOTBSB

The boy band fans were sounding sad or sexy — or both — on and other social media over the apparent end of a supergroup on Sunday afternoon.

Maybe they should have been saying it ain't over till it's over.

Hours before the combined forces of NKOTBSB — The New Kids on The Block and The Backstreet Boys — were to play the final date of the 2011 tour at the John Labatt Centre on Sunday, the fans were tweeting in pain at saying goodbye or hot hot hot anticipation of the final show.

"Going through #NKOTBSB withdrawal again ;( blahkkk i wana go backkk!!!," tweeted @cassceccs, who — like many fans — saw Sunday's date at the downtown London arena as the end of a sweet and beautiful thing.

There were other fans, like @glovess22, who had tickets for the London show — and knew exactly what they wanted.

"#nkotbsb for the second time tonight! @nickcarter can't wait to see you and your sexiness ;)," that fan said, expressing feelings for BSB's Carter.

The actual NKOTBSB truth is out there. There are already rumours the supergroup will puts it nine-man lineup together again for a European tour.

New Kids on The Block lead singer Jordan Knight was looking well past Sunday's show in a pre-concert interview backstage.

"You'll definitely see us again, working together," Knight said Sunday of teaming again with BSB.

Asked about a European tour being next on the NKOTBSB playbook, he laughed for a moment.

"We're talking about it," Knight said seriously. Then he paused before adding, "If you ask me, 'see you in Europe,' " he said with the last four words in a much quieter, mock-secretive voice.

Sounds like a tweet, a backstage visitor suggested to Knight, who smiled again.

Only one question then — how long until an #nkotbsb tweet makes it official?


Pre-Physical Therapy Student said...

NKOTB can't be over! I feel like I've been asleep for years and I've finally awaken after a nightmare of fear, anger, and regret. I really hope I didn't open my eyes too late just to see it all end.

Patricia said...

If you ask me, they should have put out a dvd/blueray of their concert tour like NSYNC had done in thier day. I did not get to go to either tour of NKOTB or NKOTBSB and not puttint out a dvd means they are losing out on revenue. I know they didn't get back together for the money, but I would gladly pay for both tours on dvd. Just sayin.