Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Donnie's Birthday Party Rescheduled for September 3rd

Donnie had to reschedule his birthday party in Virginia Beach due to Hurricane Irene. Here some Twitter updates from Donnie:

IMPORTANT- The threat of Hurricane Irene hitting VA Saturday has forced me to move my Party to next Saturday- 9/3- Your safety comes first!

Sorry for the inconvenience but I'll be more sorry if you all have to travel in, at worst a hurricane, at best horrible storms!

Contact @worldofjohnny for any questions & info! If its any consolation- I'm losing my first 3 day weekend in a year to move the party! :(

PS- all of the airlines are offering no change fees for flight changes because of the weather!! #justsaying!

The good news is... This gives me an extra week to make even more plans for surprises for Virginia Beach!

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