Thursday, October 4, 2012

NKOTB News for October 4

Jordan was recently interviewed by the Toronto Sun. Check it out here.

Nikki Van Noy did an interview with the Dave Ryan in the Morning show on KDWB this morning to talk about the NKOTB book. You can listen to her interview here (her part starts at 6:45).

Charity Buzz has an auction for an opportunity to be the guest of Donnie's on the set of Blue Bloods. The proceeds from this auction benefit The Felix Organization (which provides inspiring opportunities and new experiences to enrich the lives of children who are growing up in the foster care system). You can place your bid here.

Jonathan was nominated again for the Bille Celebrity Challenge. If Jonathan wins he will win money for one of his favorite charities The Trevor Project. Last time he ended up coming in second so let's vote early and often!

There are a lot of auctions and raffles for NKOTB memorabilia in the latest Remember Betty newsletter. Click here for the list of items and the links to win.

The Ottawa Citizen posted a review of Jordan's first show in Canada last night. Here is a photo from the show that Jordan shared on Twitter.

Joey took his son Griffin to see Justin Bieber and here a photo that Joey shared of them.

Here are some photos of Donnie with Jenny McCarthy, Andy Cohen (and even Lumpy) from when he was on Watch What Happens Live. 

Speaking of Lumpy Donnie recently posted some cute videos of Lumpy on his Telly (TwitVid) account

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