Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photos needed

NKOTB are putting together a video and they want to include your photos. Here are the details from NKOTB.com

NKOTB fans!
We are creating a fun new video project and are in need of photos from each of YOU. Basically we are looking for a "before and after" photo. We want to see your transformation, from the first picture to the second picture. 
Here are some examples (these are just examples so feel free to elaborate):
-A picture of you dressed down and then dressed up (i.e. before you get ready to go out and after you have gotten ready)
-A picture of you before you set an athletic goal and after you have achieved it
-A goofy photo of you from your youth (braces, funny hair style, etc..) and a nice photo that you're proud of (wedding day, prom, etc...)
NOTE: All of the photos should be of just you as we will be implementing this into a project. When sending the photo to nkotbphotos@gmail.com, please give a brief description as to what is taking place. 
DISCLAIMER: All photographs submitted for this project titled "NKOTB Lyric" will grant NKOTB full permission to use the photos in the "NKOTB Lyric" project. The physical likeness and all properties within the photographs are released to NKOTB with full permission to use anywhere in the world and universe across multi-media platforms. By submitting these photographs you are granting NKOTB full permission to use the photographs within the "NKOTB Lyric" project. 
Deadline to submit your photos is this Sunday, January 20th at midnight PT.

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