Monday, January 14, 2013

Wahlburgers reality show begins filming this week

The Boston Globe reports that filming for the Wahlburgers reality show will begin on Tuesday. Here is the article:

In Hingham, Wahlburgers pilot to begin filming during movie party

By Jessica Bartlett, Town Correspondent

Filming for the pilot of a reality TV show about Wahlburgers restaurant in Hingham will begin after a private screening of Mark Wahlberg's new movie next week.

Walhberg will be joined in the endeavor by his brothers Donnie and Paul, who are co-owners of the restaurant. According to Paul, who is the chef at Wahlburgers, the show is still in the beginning stages.

'They are still piecing things together,' Paul said in a phone interview. 'It's a business. It will be fun, and I'll see more of my brothers, Mark and Donnie. It'll be good, and we're looking forward to it.'

The reality show has been rumored for months, but this will be the first filming to take place. According to Paul, the pilot will focus on Wahlburgers and what it takes to run the business.

Restaurant ownership has suited the family well, with Paul operating a successful restaurant, Alma Nove, right next to Wahlburgers at the Hingham Shipyard.

Producing is also a business Mark Wahlberg has found success in through 'Entourage,' 'In Treatment,' and 'Boardwalk Empire.'

Mark is also starting filming on a 'docu-series' set in Boston this month. Tentatively titled 'Breaking Boston', the show will follow six young women from the metro area who embody the real world.

The celebrity is also staying busy with other projects, among them a show called 'Teamsters,' focused on Boston's Teamsters Local 25.

The filming for the reality show will be an interesting accompaniment to a third screening event of a Wahlberg movie at the Hingham Shipyard. 'Broken City', costarring Russell Crowe, will be shown at the Hingham Shipyward Cinema next Tuesday, in advance of its national opening on Jan. 18.

The private screening is a fund-raiser for the Mark Wahlburg Youth Foundation, and according to PR spokespeople, Mark; his mother, Alma; and brother Jimmy Wahlberg will attend the screening.

Previously, the shipyard hosted screenings for two other Wahlberg movies, 'The Fighter' and 'The Other Guys." The after-screening parties for those movies were hosted at Alma Nove. This time around Wahlburgers will cater the event.

'It's going to be the Wahlburgers menu; sliders and a lot of the food that's there,' Paul said. 'It will be simple, but it will definitely be the representation of the menu.'

Also a part of this event is an opportunity for two members of the public to attend the after party and get an opportunity to get a photo with Mark.

A raffle is ongoing through Celebrities For Charity, with all proceeds to go to the youth foundation.

Overall, Paul said, the event will be good for Wahlburgers and for the foundation, which offers funding to youth service and enrichment programs.

'It's good because it's to benefit the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. We do that. And for the buzz everyone is excited, but it's good for the restaurants and it's good for the business' Paul said.

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