Sunday, May 10, 2015

Joey McIntyre's interview with Glamour

Joey was recently interviewed by Glamour Magazine about fashion trends from the 90's. Here is the transcript:

Prepare to let your younger self have a freak-out moment: We scored some chat time with New Kids on the Block's Joey McIntyre! In advance of the group's performance at the revamped Forum in L.A. on Saturday (Nelly and TLC will be there too), McIntyre spoke to us about fashion trends he's rocked and, well, some that he regrets. Turns out, he has a lot to say about style, with the recent rise of so many '90s fashion trends. Check out the interview here:

Glamour: What were your favorite '90s trends to wear?

Joey McIntyre: There weren't many of them actually...I'd say Timberland boots. After that, it got way too baggy for me. It was way too roomy for me in the '90s.

Glamour: Anything you regretted?

JM: The big lumberjack plaid shirts were bad—that's my biggest regret. It's probably good Getty [red carpet and paparazzi photos] weren't around as much back then.

Glamour: What '90s trends did you especially like on the ladies?

JM: Overalls, like the oversize kind TLC wore. That was cute.

Glamour: So many '90s trends have come back recently. Any you wish would stay away? What are you liking again?

JM: I'm not a big fan of the'd be nice if that stayed in the '90s. I've always been a fan of Calvin Klein underwear, and that's nice it's back. I've got a pair of the classic boxers on right now.

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