Friday, May 15, 2015

Watch NKOTB live in Dallas from Yahoo Live Stream

You can watch a re-run of the Yahoo Live Stream show from the concert in Dallas last week until tonight below.

Video courtesy of Jordan Knight Lovers

Yahoo also posted their 5 most memorable moments:

1. They introduced a new, New Kid on the Block? Joey, the youngest member of the group, made it clear that the boy band from Boston won't be retiring anytime soon. He brought his 7-year-old son, Griffin Thomas, on stage to provide some lead vocals for the song "Tonight." The handsome kid has show business in his blood. He boldly took center stage and waited for his cue to belt the opening lyric, but not without first hyping up the crowd. We're surprised the group didn't have Grif stand-in for Jonathan earlier in the week when a fall caused him to miss a Los Angeles show date.

2. Joey made some sweet dreams come true. All of the guys have stayed fit, an enviable feat for five men in their 40s. The group was so confident about their physiques that they actually allowed cameras in their dressing room tents to broadcast for the audience a quick costume change that revealed plenty footage of abs and underwear. But Joey definitely pushed the limits when performing a cover of the Eurythmic's 1983 classic "Sweet Dreams." In his interpretive performance, he channeled Annie Lennox as he danced across the stage and sang from his heart. He stripped off his jacket to take the stage shirtless and barefoot and the 42-year-old husband and father looked better than most of the new singers half his age.

3. Danny partied like it was his birthday. Without missing a beat, NKOTB sang live and danced throughout the high-energy show. However, birthday boy Danny wanted to extend a bonus gesture to the screaming fans. His father, "Big Danny Wood," joined him on stage for the "Happy Birthday" song and cake and during his solo set the 46-year-old star put his street dancing skills to work, dropping to the ground to bust a backspin move that would be impressive for anyone of any age.

4. The legacy of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch lives on. The tradition of big brothers teasing little brothers shall never cease. Even though Hollywood, blockbuster actor Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg wasn't in the house, it didn't stop his older brother Donnie from having some fun with his signature hit "Good Vibrations" from his short-lived rap career. During one of the night's many cover song segments, when the pianist played the throwback track, Donnie quipped, "Just 'cause I wrote it don't mean I got to sing it." Then, they brought a couple ladies on stage to help them party to the song.

5. They rocked without the roll. Though NKOTB's rock-influenced track "Cover Girl" did well on the charts back in 1989, the group was known for their pop stylings for a reason. During Donnie's solo segment he assumed his lead vocals but wisely relied heavily on the band's guitarists to drive the performance.

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