Monday, December 11, 2023

Joey McIntyre's last solo show of 2023

Joey performed his final solo show of 2023 last night at the Bourbon Room in LA. He did a lot of the same songs he did on his December 6th show, but there were still a few things that made this show special.  Thanks to everyone who went live and shared their videos last night!  Here are some highlights from @kjbw6, @chaos_and_shelly and

Debbie Gibson joined Joey on stage (it sounded like she didn't perform with him since her voice was shot because she performed shows 3 consecutive nights prior to last night). She talked about how they met Sean Thomas and performing with Joey in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. 

Another one of his special guests was his son, Griffin: 

While he didn't quite make his goal of 50 shows in one year, he did plenty of them!

He ended the show with an amazing performance of "My Way":

After the show, he gave a speech and did a toast:

PS: In case you missed them, here's a few of his Instagram stories:

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