Friday, December 1, 2023

Catching up with Joey McIntyre

Just a reminder that Joey will be making an appearance at the Garry Marshall Theatre tonight for their “GMT All-Stars” concert! There are still a few seats available (including some in the front row!) Click here for tickets!

Joey posted this cute selfie in front of the venue yesterday on his Instagram

Joey shared some thoughts of gratitude for this past year: 

He and his son donated their time to the Big Sunday organization the day before Thanksgiving!

Joey shared a few life updates including his son Griffin getting his license and nearly getting scammed by someone claiming that he missed jury duty. 

Griffin recently celebrated his birthday and he shared this photo of them celebrating at the Soho House: 

And he shared a photo of a rainbow: 

He also attended "Napoleon" at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX!

And he put up the Christmas tree, and he zoomed in on what appears to be an airstream ornament. He probably got that because he spent time in one earlier this year when he was preparing for his solo tour!

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