Sunday, December 24, 2023

One year anniversary special about Joey's Carnegie Hall performance coming soon

Adam Ray put together a special behind the scenes video and interview with Joey about his show at Carnegie Hall! The video will premiere on Adam's YouTube channel on January 14 (the one year anniversary of the show). Joey and Adam went live on Instagram last night to talk a bit about it, and they announced they will be hosting a very intimate premiere at the Garry Marshall Theatre in Hollywood. More details about how you can get one of these spots will be announced on their socials soon. Check out the replay of their IG Live and the promo video below: 

By the way, I think Adam posted something about this way back in February and I was thinking Joey was just going to be a guest on Adam's podcast. But it looks like this "poduMentary" (as Joey calls it) as been in the works for awhile!

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