Monday, May 1, 2023

Catching up with Joey

Note: I started working on this post before Joey announced another show this morning. So in case you missed it, click here to read about his upcoming show in Cape Cod on August 4! 

Joey has had a busy last couple of weeks! Let's catch up with what he's been up to...

Before the New Kids on the Block went to the Bahamas, he took this "namaste" video from an unknown location. It appeared it could be a trailer on a movie set! I don't think it's for "Dawn" because it sounds like it was done filming in December

By the way, according to Rotten Tomatoes, "V.C. Andrews’ Dawn" will be premiering on Saturday, July 8 on Lifetime!

After he got home from the Bahamas, he was spotted at the JM Eagle LA Championship at the Wilshire Country Club in LA

And last week he announced two new shows in London. Not surprisingly, the shows sold out and he posted a few videos about it: 

He has been in Vancouver the last few days to prepare for his show there tomorrow night! Here are some photos and videos that he shared in his stories: 

Then of course you probably already saw this morning he announced another show at the Cape Cod Melody Tent! Here's a video of him talking about that and possibly one other show to be announced before he announces his whole tour: 

Then he posted this video after he made the announcement:

He went live from his Airbnb Airstream Trailer for a while to talk about his plans (nothing specific announced, but he did express interest in playing in Hawaii and heading over to Japan and Korea afterwards). He also played a bit of a song he made up on the spot!

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