Sunday, May 14, 2023

DW Air: 20 Questions with Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie flew to Boston last night in preparation for the Celtics' game 7 of the conference semifinals against the Philadelphia 76ers tonight.  He sent out a photo on Instagram and then checked in on Twitter

Checking in from 40,000 ft!

How is my Blockhead Family doing tonight? πŸ€–❤️♾πŸ’«✨🀟🏼

@DwasMyFirstLove replied back to him: 

Oh you. Ohhhh you. I miss ur face. But since u ask, I am fine. And I am stoked for blockcon things buddy. Pssst.. great time for #DWAIR20QUESTIONS to come out of retirement buddy. #BlockconEdition

And he responded: 

Well …. ? 

Bring it! #DWAir20Questions

So here are some of the question and answers: 

From @DwasMyFirstLove:

Are we gonna see The Way at blockcon?

See or “hear”?

Is requesting Stingy an option?

Not sure.

How bout them shiny pants?

Maybe - they’ll be on site.

Any special guests?

New Kids & Blockheads quality time (but maybe one πŸ˜‚).

See you on Thursday?

At WahlCon? YES!

Is Jon the prom DJ?

If he has a few drinks, he may sit in. 🎧🎀

Any hints at what these 'panels' will be?

Fun. New Kids & Blockheads together

Non blockcon things.. Captain and diet?

Bloody Mary (was Alma’s go to when flying, so since Mothers Day — honor Alma).

Where ya heading now?

Celtics Game, Boston!

Who ya flying with?

Ron Wright from The Chi!

Did u go to prom back in the day? (I feel like I should know this)

Yes, and also went to Jordan’s prom with one of his classmates who asked me!

What was your prom theme?

Don’t recall.

Did u go to a post prom party?


Do u have a fave movie that involves a prom?


Questions from @arata072713

What is your favorite body soap/body wash fragrance?

I don’t do that.

What cologne do you wear?

I don’t wear any. I wear @OldSpice deodorant, that’s it.

Questions from @EmmalenaNoelle

What’s your Starbucks order 

I don’t go there.

Do you shave or wax your armpits? Lol


What is your favorite color 

Purple (like Donnie Osmond).

What is your favorite song?

Too many to name, but I’ll go with I Need Your Loving by Teena Marie for now.

Question from @nkotbgal21

I love all these questions 🀣 Is having your own podcast in your future? I know ur so busy but I loved u on frosted tips🀣πŸ₯° #DWAir20Questions

Yes. Maybe with friends, or wife, but — yes! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

He posted a video announcing he was safe and sound on the ground once he landed: 

Donnie watched game 6 at home and he shared a few video clips on his stories: 

And here are a couple of recent messages he shared: 

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