Friday, May 5, 2023

Could "The Wood Works" be coming back and other Danny updates

Danny posted these photos in his Instagram stories back in March...

So that got me excited that maybe he was hinting that the Wood Works may be coming back soon. But then he didn't post anything like that again for a while - until he posted another one just a couple of days ago: 

And on May 4th he posted this photo and used the #thewoodworks hashtag again!

So maybe he is dropping some hints!?

Most of his stories are stories others have tagged him in, but here is a recent one he shared of him with his granddaughters and Chance. 

In the meantime, Remember Betty is still going strong. There are just a couple of days left in the apparel fundraiser by Team Betty Indiana.

There are no details yet, but Team Betty Indiana is also advertising another Remember Betty in-person event. This one is not just in Indiana, but at locations in Ohio and Kentucky as well!

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