Thursday, May 4, 2023

Donnie's interview with NBC 10 at the Celtics game and other Donnie updates!

Donnie went to the Celtics vs 76ers game with his son Elijah last night in Boston! Before the game, NBC 10 interviewed Donnie (click here if the video below doesn't load): 

Donnie shared some photos and video clips on Instagram:

In other Donnie news, according to the New York Post, he will be on an upcoming episode of The Rachael Ray Show. Here's a quote from Rachael from that article: 

Donnie Wahlberg was one of my last guests and he got a little misty when were were talking about the show ending and I was so moved by that — that someone who’s so famous in so many ways and for so long, with his wife [Jenny McCarthy], one of the most beautiful women on the planet who’s also uber-famous — to show that true emotion it really hit me.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, some folks respect you back, dummy — you’re not just a waitress from upstate New York. Some people actually like what you did here, too.'”

Donnie was in a recent reel from "Wahlburgers at Home" talking about the Wahl Sauce and the Wahlburgers BBQ Sauce: 

He also appeared in a post Jenny did for her makeup line Formless Beauty:

In case you missed them, here are a few highlights from Donnie on social media from the past couple of weeks...

There is a new episode of Blue Bloods tomorrow night! They didn't show any of Donnie's scenes in this week's preview clips, but here are some photos: 

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