Monday, May 22, 2023

Donnie at "Golf.Give.Gala." and other Donnie updates

Donnie and Jenny were at the "Golf.Give.Gala.", a charity event for the Tim Tebow Foundation at Hotel Baker last night! He shared these photos on his stories last night: 

That wasn't the only thing he did over the weekend. On Friday night he and his son, Elijah went to the Boston Celtics game. Here are some photos from Brian Babineau

Donnie also shared some photos and videos of his own from that night: 

Otherwise Donnie has been spending more time at home in St. Charles with occasional trips to his storage vault: 

He also sent out some birthday wishes for Jordan and Evan: 

He shared some inspirational words of wisdom: 

After the Celtics lost their game on Sunday night, he shared this inspiration for his team:

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