Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Let's Save Blue Bloods (and check out some new photos of Donnie on set)

New photos from the set of Blue Bloods have been released! See more of them here.

Check out this video shared by José Pérez on Instagram of Donnie running to his fans that were there to see him.

As you can see, some of the fans in the photo are holding a sign that says "Save Blue Bloods". There is a campaign and petition going on to try to convince CBS to give Blue Bloods another season!

Donnie posted a video of him and other cast members from Blue Bloods saying thank you to the Blockheads that have been trying to "cancel the cancel"

Here are some ways you can help: 

💙Follow @SaveBlueBloods on X and on Instagram

💙Use the hashtag #SaveBlueBloods and tag CBS and other CBS related accounts: 

@cbs, @CBSTweet @CBSTVStudios @paramountplus @BlueBloods_CBS @CBSNews @CBSMornings @CBSSunday

@cbstv @cbstvstudios @paramountplus @bluebloods_cbs @cbsnews @cbsmornings @cbssundaymorning @johnkevinwade 

💙Send letters to the following people: 

Amy Reisenbach
President of CBS Entertainment
51 W 52nd St
NYC, NY 10019

Robert M Bakish
CEO of Paramount Global
1515 Broadway
NYC, NY 10036

Kevin Wade
Executive Producer, Blue Bloods
190 Diamond St, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11222

💙And if you really want to catch their eye, send them some Blue Confetti! Here's a video with some more instructions on how to do that:

And speaking of Blue Bloods, did you listen to the latest message on the New Kids on the Block hotline (1-806-NEW-KIDS)? Donnie checked in from the set of Blue Bloods! If you missed or just couldn't call in, here's a recording of it from Lori Fredericks on Instagram:

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