Wednesday, February 14, 2024

NKOTB News for February 14

In case you missed it, Donnie is scheduled to appear on the Kelly Clarkson Show tomorrow (see time and channel here)! Although on their website they mentioned something about him appearing in "Arthur the King", and that is one of Mark's movies... So, I was thinking it's possible they messed up and it is actually Mark that's going to be on the show. 

... So, when trying to get some clarification on that and digging around more on her website, I discovered some exciting news: all the guys are going to be on her show on March 5th! Well, that's when the show tapes, I don't know what the airdate will be yet. Last time the guys were on her show, it was taped a few days before it aired. 

And last I checked, you can sign up for tickets here!

In other news, I think this is an older video, but Donnie shared a video of him and Kevin Cofield having some fun in the studio...

Donnie also flew somewhere on Sunday morning... hunch is he went to the Super Bowl because he posted that he was at the Las Vegas Wahlburgers in this photo of him with Mark and Paul:

He flew back yesterday and there was some speculation amongst the Blockheads that the capital letters in his note could be a hidden meaning. If you look at all 4 capitals, it spells out "KIDS". But it might just be referring to the pilot keeping the plane steady during some rough air!

In other news, Joey shared what his favorite Super Bowl ads were: 

And the Knight brothers have been spotted in their sister Sharon's post about the family playing a game of candlepin bowling on Sunday afternoon. (Jordan is a little shyer, but look closely at the right side of photo 8 and 10.) 

Here is a recent Danny sighting as well! He was photographed at Bagel Bar East in Miami:

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