Thursday, February 29, 2024

NKOTB News for February 29

The new music video for the single "KIDS" will premiere on March 5 at 1:30pm Eastern! 

Here is a short preview clip shared by them earlier today: 

Looking at the cover image for the YouTube video, it looks like those leaked photos were from that video!

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer than Tuesday to watch the Kelly Clarkson show on TV. It won't air until next Friday. Here is the summary shared by Jaelynn on Instagram

The 3pm is just the time it airs in her area, check out this page for the time and channel in your area. 

There is a new message from Danny up on the hotline! If missed it, check out this clip from Angie

Still no explanation about the outlines that the official accounts were sharing last week: Donnie did provide some insight on his stories

And he also left a comment on this post by the Gacke Girls (this was posted the day they announced the new single): 

Donnie posted some photos of him and Jenny (I think from just over the weekend).

Joey has been spotted in rehearsals for Drag the Musical! Here's a few Instagram stories I saved: 

He also posted a short story last night expressing how he is excited about some of the stuff the guys are starting to share: 

According to Sharon Knight, Jonathan is wrapping up filming for Farmhouse Fixer season 3! She posted a few photos of Jon and Kristina filming a reveal and some new photos with guest-star Jordan!

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