Saturday, June 29, 2024

Catching up with Donnie

Donnie posted a couple of new messages on the hotline! Click on the links from @nkotb_hotline below to listen!

Last day of Blue Bloods

Leaving a voice mail for a blockhead

He tried to go live from that party he mentioned in the message above, but he had some connection issues. He didn't save it, but Miya on Instagram saved and posted some of it.  

Here are some highlights from Donnie's stories prior to June 17: 

Kevin Maher posted this video of him, Donnie, Tara, and Jordan Dodderer having some fun Donnie's plane!

Donnie shared this moment of him after filming the final "dinner scene" for Blue Bloods:

Donnie has been getting quite good at editing Instagram reels! Check out the transition with him with Danny and Jordan backstage: 

Here are some video highlights from his stories:

And here are some still shots: 

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