Friday, June 28, 2024

Catching up with Jon!

Sorry for not updating as frequently as I usually do. I have been to a few of the "Magic Summer Tour" shows, so I haven't been home much. If you haven't been to a show yet, I'd highly recommend it! Anyway, let's catch up with Jon first...

Don't forget the Farmhouse Fixer spin-off series "Camp Revamp" is now airing on Tuesday nights on HGTV. Jordan has been featured a lot in this new show as well! In case you missed it, HGTV posted a great interview with Jon and Harley. Jon and HGTV shared some clips from "Camp Revamp": 

Jon's sister Sharon shared some new photos to the Farmhouse Fixer Facebook group. Click here to view!

The New Kids on the Block's tour photographer Paris Visone posted a couple of stories with Jon:

Jenny and Dave Marrs from "Fixer the Fabulous" were at the show in Arkansas the other day and here are some photos from Jenny:

Jon posted an Instagram video of him shopping at their store "Marrs Mercantile":

He also posted a video of him at a playground during some downtime in Cincinnati.

Did you know the Lt. Governor of Minnesota is a Blockhead? I'm sure she had an influence on the state of Minnesota declaring June 23, 2024 "Magic Summer Tour Day".

Jon even danced with her for "A Love Like This" when they had their concert there and shared this photo:

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