Saturday, June 29, 2024

Catching up with Joey

Joey went live for about a half hour while in Minnesota. He talked about the announcement for "Drag The Musical" that was coming the next day, his upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie, his new kitty, and he's going to try to get Jordan back on social media (at least guest-starring on his account).  Check it out below: 

This one is a couple of weeks old already, but here he is before their first show sitting at the amphitheater in Cuyahoga Falls: 

And here are some of his thoughts after the first show:

He also gave us an update on "life on the road" while in Burgettstown, PA. 

He posted a tip for staying cool this summer: 

Here are some highlights from his stories, including his time at the Andy Warhol Museum, trying out a Mallo Cup for the first time in years, and a few "Namaste" moments!

Here are some other non-video highlights:


Joey also left a new message on the NKOTB hotline! Click here to listen!

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