Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Update on Joey's film project

Just a quick update on Joey's latest film project. If you missed it, a little over a week ago, Joey posted that he was in Montreal filming something. In his Instagram stories on Monday, he confirmed that it is a movie that he has been working on! He mentioned that he had a "big scene" coming up!

I did a quick search to see if I could figure out what movie he might be filming. According to this website, there are currently 4 movies being filmed in Montreal: All I want for Christmas (Working Title), Out Standing, Victory Boulevard, and Blackbird. 

The synopsis for Out Standing is:

Officer Sandra Perron resigns from the Canadian military after a controversial photo surfaces. Adapting to civilian life amidst an investigation, she denies abuse allegations despite evidence suggesting mistreatment within her unit.

According to this site, "Victory Boulevard" is actually the working title of the upcoming Karate Kid movie. 

According to this site, "Blackbird" is the working title for 'Scream VII'

My gut instinct says it's probably the "All I want for Christmas" one because the other ones have been filming longer than Joey has been there.  The first official day of production, according to that site above, was the day after Joey initially posted his clues as to what he is up to. Also, Joey said it's going to be "sweet" and he's going to "feel all the feels". So, I think that this one is the best match for this description. 

In other news, he also posted a couple of photos to his stories: 

He also introduced everyone to his latest stuffed animal, "Peaches".

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